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  The Wizard of Oz poem by Australian writer Graeme King - funny, sad, serious and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature and environment poems. ©kingpoetry2007.

The Wizard of Oz

a stonnet (a sonnet that tells a well-known story)

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A scarecrow and a tin man with no brain

met Dorothy while traveling to Oz

then Lion saw a spider - cried in pain

when asked the reason why he said "because."


They trod a road of lovely yellow bricks

the Munchkins bade them follow to the end

to see the Wizard work his magic tricks

his castle somewhere up around the bend.


But Oz did not exist - oh how they cried!

and then the Scarecrow saw his aching heart

their wishes waiting all the time inside

and needing only love to make them start.


"I now know how the average person feels"

said Dorothy - then gladly clicked her heels.

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