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  Sounds Fishy - a children's poem by Australian poet Graeme King - funny poems, sad poems, serious poems and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature poems and environment poems, flash poetry, fantasy poems, funny limericks and more kingpoetry2007.


A fishy children's poem about being a fish.

If I had to be one of the creatures in the sea,

I think Id be a little white tipped shark;

Fins all tipped with white so that I could swim at night,

And not run into others in the dark.


Better yet, a hermit crab, my house upon my back,

Crawling sideways, down below the swell;

Never mind the chores, when the dirt builds up indoors

Id leave it there and find another shell.


I could be a parrot fish and live out on the reef,

There amongst the coral trees Id play;

I could make a wish upon a little white starfish,

Then take a little swim around the bay.


What about a great big whale biggest of them all!

Swim around and sing a happy tune;

Find a school of krill and then when Ive had my fill

Sing and spout away the afternoon.


Id like to be a seahorse with a cutely rolled-up tail,

Gliding in the currents with such grace;

Though I seemed at play Id be training for the day,

The day I win the annual seahorse race.


If I was a herring Id be clever and alert,

Id learn to swim and take off like a jet;

Id study hard in school so that I would be no fool,

No fisherman would catch me in his net.


A stingray? Yes, I see it now, gliding through the sea,

Through the clear blue water I would sail;

If predators attack I would simply turn my back

And wave about the stinger in my tail.


All the fish are lovely and Id really hate to choose,

Id like to be each one for just a day;

Then Id understand what its like to have dry land

Maybe here on shore Id better stay!




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