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  Haunted House, a funny ghost poem for children by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2008.

HAUNTED HOUSE by Graeme King
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I live inside a haunted house, I wouldnít call it fun,

the monsters, ghouls and spooks are everywhere,

they slam the doors and break the plates and frighten everyone,

it seems that once youíre dead your jobís to scare!


Itís hard to get to sleep because they stomp around all night

destroying vases, breaking window panes,

and if it all goes quiet and you think that itís all right,

they form a line of ghosts and rattle chains!


The lights turn on and off, and toast will pop at any time,

the phone will ring then fall onto the floor,

the kitchen sink is always full of glowing greenish slime,

nobody does the dishes any more!


The pictures in the hallway hang at angles rather strange,

although theyíre straightened every single day,

each night a phantom does its job - to mess and re-arrange,

he doesnít call it work - to him itís play!


The bedrooms are an awful mess, the pillow cases sliced,

with feathers falling round like snowy flakes,

nobody makes the bed because the household poltergeist

will muck it up again, when he awakes!


If visitors come round to call, the ghosts will come alive,

they shriek and boo, itís very impolite,

before too long the guests are running screaming down the drive,

and often, all their hair has turned to white!


I give you all a warning, stay away from ghostly stuff,

and never, ever buy a haunted house,

Iím moving out quite soon, because Iíve really had enough,

itís bad enough for me - and Iím a mouse!

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