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  Funny science limericks by Graeme King - funny original limericks about everything science and scientific. Škingpoetry2007.


My funny limericks about all things scientific.


A scientist married a drummer

It was good till the middle of summer

She turned on the fans

His experiment plans

Blew away, oh my God...what a bummer!


In China they haven't learned yet

If they ever want to remove debt

The world must be shown

They can stand on their own

So why did they conquer Tibet?


A teacher was once heard to yell:

"Silence! You bastards from hell!"

A young punk up front

Remarked with a grunt:

"Sience, you git, has no 'L'"


My geology job hit the boil

Whilst prospecting for Texas oil

The brilliant gusher

Was a sewerage flusher

The landscape for miles I did spoil!


From Alaska to way past the Cape

Is a country of dubious shape

But South, North or here

They all love their beer

And some savour fruit of the grape!


I went to a friend's place of mine,

Some water to smartly devine

My stick it did quiver

But my underground river

Tasted like rancid white wine!


I once gave a lady affection

By giving her my huge collection

Of dried butterflies

Bugs and moths from the skies

In return she gave me an infection!


I once knew a guy, Doctor Bill,

He died, but I won in his will

His formula queer

That will do away beer

You get drunk just by eating a pill!


The scientists met, and were crying

"This world is so terribly trying!

We invented a spore

That eliminates war,

But sadly, no nations are buying!"


 The Incas had such awesome power

They came in a meteor shower

Their one giant bungle

Was to live in the jungle

Cos aliens, see, live on flour!


Digging for fossils, old Ned

A geologist, sadly is dead

His shovel hit bone

"You leave that alone"

Said a dinosaur, biting his head!




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