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  Miss Muffet funny nursery rhyme by Australian writer Graeme King - funny, sad, serious and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature and environment poems. ©kingpoetry2007.


a stonnet (a sonnet that tells a well-known story)

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She sat there quietly, nobody's fool

and thought about her boyfriend's parting words,

a single tear drop fell upon her stool,

she shrugged it off and scoffed her whey and curds.


He'd claimed she was too fat, and she had cried,

he then suggested parting, for a break,

to work out what was eating her inside,

her weight gain more than he could ever take.


She didn't want to lose him, that was true,

his Father owned a huge patisserie,

with pastries every day her waistline grew,

but what else could she do, the pies were free!


A spider did the trick, it bit her rear -

and put her in the clinic for a year!

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