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  Noah's Ark poem by Australian writer Graeme King - funny, sad, serious and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature and environment poems. ©kingpoetry2007.


a stonnet (a sonnet that tells a well-known story)

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I figured he was borderline insane,

I liked to visit every day to gloat,

for seven stinking years we'd had no rain -

so, why the hell would Noah build a boat?


I watched them work, the whole damn family,

to build what Noah liked to call "The Ark"

though we're a hundred miles from the sea,

that didn't stop them working - dawn till dark!


Then one day it was finished - what a sight!

An ocean-going ship on desert beach,

he must have got the animals at night,

I thought it quite amazing - two of each!


It flooded - history will tell you that,

and me? I swam till I reached Ararat!

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