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  a deliciously funny poem about a church with more than its share of sinning, by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2008.

THE PREACHER by Graeme King
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The preacher glared down at his congregation,

“My brothers and my sisters, hear the word!”

His voice was harsh and filled with remonstration:

“I do believe some sinning has occurred!


“I hear there’s been some he-ing and a-she-ing,

that’s something that this church will not allow,

I don’t want no debate or disagreeing,

if you’ve been into that – you’d best go now!”


The church was filled with doubt and much tut-tutting,

as over half the room walked out the door!

The preacher raised his hand “No ifs or butting,

my brothers and my sisters – there is more!


“Just lately it has come to my attention

some he-ing and a-he-ing’s going on,

no arguments, excuses or dissention,

if you’re involved in that, we want you gone!”


So every single man then left the chapel,

just ladies sitting in the empty pews,

“My sisters, some of you have bit the apple,

some she-ing and a-she-ing’s in the news!


“If you forsake the church and do things your way,

then those involved must stand up now and go,”

and all the women filed out of the doorway,

which left young Rastus in the second row.


“Just me and you, young man, I hope you’re seeing

what comes of sin!” The boy looked up in fear:

“But when you get to me-ing and a-me-ing,

I gotta tell ya Boss, I’se outta here!”

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