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  Rabbit's Revenge - a funny Easter poem with a message about greed by Australian poet Graeme King. ©kingpoetry2009.

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The Easter Bunny ate my egg, which made me rather cross,

I thought about revenge, to show that rabbit who was boss,

the trap I set was hidden well, all camouflaged with grass,

I’d catch that thieving bunny and I’d fry his scrawny ass!


That night I heard the trap spring shut, he’d met his Waterloo,

I smiled and settled down to sleep, and dreamed of rabbit stew,

I hoped he’d still be there, alive, I wanted him to beg,

perhaps I’d be magnanimous, and spare him for an egg?


No hopping, fluffy fur ball could defeat the likes of me,

I dressed and looked up recipes for rabbit fricassee,

then went out to the garden to retrieve my helpless prey,

the blasted trap was empty, somehow he’d got clean away.


I swore, and kicked the stupid trap, which flew across the yard,

a piece of paper fluttered down – he’d left a calling card!

Perhaps he wanted peace, or had he left the card to gloat?

I sat down in a garden chair, and read this on the note:


“Your traps can never hurt me, I’m the Easter Bunny, see,

I’m magic and no Earthly steel can harm the likes of me,

I’m sorry ‘bout your egg, but someone needs it more than you,

the kid next door has lost his Mum, and so I left him two.


“I thought you wouldn’t mind, as you’re a grown-up, not a kid,

I see that I was wrong, I can’t believe the thing you did,

you’ll pay the price at Christmas time, I hope you don’t get mad,

I wrote a note to Santa – and I told him you’ve been BAD!”

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