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  Scuba Diving. A nature poem by Australian poet Graeme King - funny poems, sad poems, serious poems and romantic poems. Poems for children, nature poems and environment poems, flash poetry, fantasy poems, funny limericks and more ©kingpoetry2007.



The bubbles rose, like UFOs ascending in formation,

I drifted down in weightlessness, a spiritual sensation;

The water lucid, I could see forever, so it seemed,

I looked upon a montage such as man had never dreamed.


Fish in schools like royal jewels of every oceanic shape

Swam on swells amongst the coral of their undersea landscape;

I slowly rode the ebb and flow, through coloured coral flowers,

Wishing that my scuba tank would last a thousand hours.


I ventured, brave, into a cave, a whole new world appeared,

Creatures who shunned sunlight, looking alien and weird;

Crystal shrimps gazed sagely from their fissures on the wall,

Translucent crabs woke to the light, began their sideways crawl.


On the ceiling, torch revealing lion fish suspended,

Watching over wobbegongs into the background blended,

Nature's camouflage at work, I watched the scene in awe,

Then glided out to see such magic only told in lore.


Purple polyps, lit with dollops of the sun's osmotic beam,

Coral castles, citadels, of cobalt, mauve, vermillion, cream,

Shapes constructed by a crazy architect with prism eyes,

Living flora underwater, nature's art in rainbow guise.


Tendrils wave and clownfish knave performs his act for all to see,

Unafraid, he's safe enshrouded by his host anemone;

See kelp swaying, like a mermaid singing out her siren's song,

Over there - a school of batfish - synchronized, a thousand strong.


Surface beckons, air gauge reckons tank is empty, time is up,

Paradise must wait till next time that I drink from Neptune's cup,

Feel the disappointment as I trudge back up the sand,

And plan my next trip to my underwater wonderland.

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