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  A funny fantasy poem by Australian poet Graeme King - a wicked witch poem using phonetics in rhyme ©kingpoetry2008.


Hear ye, hear ye, all and sundry

hearken to my tale of woe,

here I stand, all groanie-moanie

dealt a bitter witch's blow.


There was I, a golden oldie,

wifey, son and daughters two,

simple life all cuddly-wuddly,

enemies were far and few.


Then last Apple-blossom Sunday

in the woods to gather fruit,

youngest daughter, lucky ducky,

finds a ring beside a root.


Back at home for munchie-wunchie

daughter's ring her finger fits,

dances round with hokey-pokey,

loves that ring to dong-dang bits.


Door bursts open - bitchy witchy!

Says we stole her magic ring,

daughter's heart goes achey-breaky

wicked witch begins to sing:


"Eye of newt and toadie-woadie,

spider's blood and mad dog's mange,

conjure with me, creepy-crawlie,

make these thieving children change!"


Next day early, wakey-wakey,

feels just like a nasty dream,

at the table, brekky-wekky,

daughter Minnie starts to scream.


Slowly she goes shrinky-winkie.

ring falls off and rolls away,

thinner daughter - holy-moley!

I don't quite know what to say.


Daughter Dawn is snoozy-woozy,

can't quite get her brain awake,

great idea from Mumsey-wumsie,

gives her coffee-flavored cake.


Brother Bill is mamby-pambie,

laughs aloud at nothing there,

sees my face, gets giggly-wiggly,

sits there laughing in his chair.


Wife blames me, gets snarly-warly,

spell has gone straight to her head,

grabs a knife, goes swishy-wishy,

I run out before I'm dead.


Now my life is topsy-turvey,

knifey-wifey's gone insane,

sits and stares all airy-fairy

says that spiders eat her brain.


Yawnie Dawnie's sleepy-weepy,

Silly Billy thinks it's fun,

Skinny Minnie's teensy-weensy,

can't you help me - anyone?


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